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Magical Crystal RF Fat Kneading Beauty Equipment For Body Shaping, Facial Wrinkle Removing

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Magical Crystal RF Fat Kneading Beauty Equipment For Body Shaping, Facial Wrinkle Removing

Large Image :  Magical Crystal RF Fat Kneading Beauty Equipment For Body Shaping, Facial Wrinkle Removing

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GTO
Certification: CE
Model Number: GS-A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: bank transfer,western union,paypal
Supply Ability: 1000
Detailed Product Description
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radiofrequency equipment


radio frequency machines

Magical Crystal RF Fat Kneading Beauty Equipment For Body Shaping, Facial Wrinkle Removing


Model Number:



Magical Crystal RF Fat Kneading System

RF+cool treatment+Bio pen+Fat kneading slimming


RF Facial Wrinkle Removing Treatment Principle:
By using specially designed probe, electromagnetic wave with relative high frequency is produced. When the RF facial wrinkle removing light beam contacts with the skin, water molecules in the tissue, which are polar molecules, rotate under the influence of electromagnetic wave and squeeze other molecules. Forty million times’ quick rotations and oscillations per second produce heat in the tissue and collagen protein contract because of the heat. Regeneration and hyperplasia occur by virtue of RF treatment. The skin becomes more elastic and smooth because the collagen protein is stretched while wrinkles are also reduced.
RF facial wrinkle removing treatment could remove wrinkles and enhance tightness of the skin. When collagens are constantly produced, the dermis layer’s thickness and density are improved. It could smoothen the wrinkles, remove scar, restore elasticity and luster of the skin and make skin look more white, tender and smooth.
It could substitute and surpass face lift.
It could improve looseness of the skin.
It could remove all kinds of wrinkles.
It could realized the removal of striae gravidarum.
It could also treat acnes.
It could realize the whole body anti-aging (neck and back beautifying, bosom lifting, waist and belly shaping, buttock and leg shaping) effect.

RF probe for face:

Beautifying: Apply gel or anti-wrinkle essence (20 to 30g every time) and use the face RF probe to massage the skin circularly for 15 to 20 minutes.

Matters needing attention:
1. Apply gel or essence evenly to each part of skin.
2. When using the probe, please adjust the intensity from low level to high level. Before use the probe to massage face skin of the customer, please first try on the customer’s back of the hand.
3. When receiving the treatment, the customer must pick off metal articles on them. When operating the probe, do not aim at the customer’s eyeball directly.

Principle, Function and Effect of the Cooling Probe:
Tighten pores by shrinking blood vessel and prominently improve rough pores.
Reinforce original fibers, make skin become tight and elastic and remove frown lines and eye tail lines.
Shrink blood vessels, effectively relieve varicose vein and bloodshot, purify and eliminate hazardous wastes which result in venous return more easily and obviously fade spots.
Reduce metabolic rate, restrain and slow down the activities of cells, reduce sensitivity of peripheral nerve, tranquilize and allay excitement, and relieve turgescence, swell and ache of the skin. The therapeutic effect is good especially for sensitive skin. Ⅱ.Physiological reaction and effect of thermal treatment: 1. Warm. Thermal treatment could let people feel warm and comfortable, relax muscles, balance autonomic nerve, achieve better beautifying effect, naturally and completely activate cells, improve and purify the skin.

Cooling Probe:

Beautifying: Use the probe to massage the face skin circularly for 5 to 8 minutes with a purpose of shrinking pores, relaxing skin and soothing nerves. It could be used together with cold spray!

Matters needing attention:

1. Anti-sensitive essence or cooling gel shall be applied when using the cooling probe.
2. The probe shall be turned off when not in use (long-time no-load run will damage the probe).

Beautifying principle and effect of BIO:      
1. Produce current by simulating electrical energy of human body to promote movement and restore elasticity of muscles.
2. Quicken the blood circulation of micro blood vessel, enhance the permeability of cells and ensure the effective supply of nutrients to muscles and skin.
3. Micro-current could cause ion permeation, replenish water required by the skin and make skin moist, smooth and elastic.
4. The micro-current could come to subcutaneous gelatinous tissue and muscle tissue, simulate and repair the elastic fibers in dermis layer to smooth wrinkles.
5. There is ultraviolet cleaning system. It is clean and safe. The customers could feel assured.
6. The aging of skin is caused by slowness of metabolism, reduction in electrical energy, and lack of restorability of cells to deal with various problems resulting from a variety of external and internal factors. Therefore, to replenish the electrical energy and return to normal metabolism is an effective method to delay senility.

Bio pen:

Beautifying: Use it to massage eye area skin upward for about 10 minutes after applying eye essence. It could remove black rim, eye bag and wrinkles.
Matters needing attention:
1. When using two BIO pens at the same time, avoid contact or collision (to prevent short circuit).
2. The pen shall be used together with essence or gel, etc.
3. Adjust the intensity from low level to high level.

Principle of Iridescent RF Probe
Fixed diode low-energy light (633 nm red light) is used instead of laser source to relax and strengthen micro-vessel to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation, increasing active oxygen and quickening elimination of toxicant. It could also stimulate fibroblast and intensify collagen protein structure to regenerate epidermal tissue, so it also has anti-aging effect.
Blue light could reduce swelling because the magnetic field produced by it could let protein in some part of tissue transfer during the process of treatment. The osmotic pressure lowers and less water exudes from blood vessels, thus the swelling in the part of skin is relieved. At the same time, the magnetic field has the function of promoting re-absorption of water content by tissue spaces, so the effect of detumescence is prominent. In addition, under the influence of magnetic field, microcirculation in some part of human body is improved which is also beneficial to relief or disappear of swelling. Some experts think that the function of detumescence of the magnetic field lies in its effect of enhancing activity of fibrin ferment.
The green light utilizes blasting effect. It could penetrate through epidermis and reach pigment group. It will be absorbed by corresponding pigment. Since the action time of green light is very short (only several nanosecond) and the energy is very high (the maximum energy of each pulse is about 650mJ), the pigment group expands rapidly after absorbing high-energy green light and cracks into fine particles which are swallowed by macrophages and eliminated from the body. The color of pigment becomes lighter and the pigment disappear at last. The goal of treatment is realized at last.

Iridescent Body RF Probe

Beautifying: Use the probe to massage the specific part of skin circularly after applying the sliming cream for about 30 to 40 minutes. It could quicken the blood circulation in the part of skin treated and has the effect of decomposing fat, etc.
Matters needing attention:
1. Apply sliming cream or cooling gel to the part of skin to be treated before the treatment.
2. Keep close contact between the probe and the skin.
3. Adjust the intensity from low level to high level.
4. Please do not irradiate eyeball directly with colored light.

Fat kneading Probe

No. 1 kneading probe is applicable to the part of body where fat is relative hard and thick. For example, back and leg, etc.
No. 2 kneading probe is applicable to the part of body where the fat tissue is relatively large. For example, thigh, belly, etc.
No. 3 kneading probe is applicable to the part of body where fat tissue is relatively thin. For example, calf, arm, face, etc.

Body shaping: After applying the sliming cream to the part of body to be treated, use the probe to contact the skin with cream, stop for 1 to 3 seconds and push the probe to the nearest lymph gland by the method of quick sliming massage after it grips the skin fat. Repeat the operation for 2 to 4 times. The operation time is about 30 to 40 minutes. It could rapidly quicken the blood circulation of the part of body treated and has the effect of crumbing fat.
Matters needing attention:
1. The fat kneading probe shall not be used to apply to the skin with wounds.
2. Pregnant woman and women during menstrual period shall not receive the treatment.
3. People who is extremely weak shall not receive the treatment.

Operating Steps of Body Shaping
1. Clean the part of skin to be treated.
2. Apply sliming cream (sliming gel is best).
3. Please use iridescent body RF probe to massage the selected part of skin circularly for 15 to 20 minutes (the aim is to utilize iridescent body RF probe to quickly blast fat) and use the iridescent body RF fat decomposing probe to massage the said part circularly for about 15 minutes (the aim is to utilize RF probe to decompose and remove the fat within a short time).
4. Use the fat kneading probe to reduce fat in fatty position. When the fat kneading probe grips fat, push the probe to the lymph gland. The operation time is 10 to 20 minutes (the aim is to utilize the negative pressure to promote the elimination of fat with toxin, stimulate the part and cause the constriction of related muscles, strengthen muscles and improve the phenomenon of loose muscle and fatness).
5. Clean the skin and finish the operation.

One Photon fat kneading probe with three tips
One Cooling probe
One BIO Pen
One Iridescent Body RF probe:1MHZ (Diameter 50mm)
One Face RF probe:1MHZ (Diameter:20mm)
Output power:50w
packing size:120*53*49cm

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