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Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment

Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment

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    beauty salon equipment


    laser beauty equipment


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  • Nickname
    Rf Beauty Machine
  • Application
    Medical Beauty Equipment
  • Type
  • Usage
    Forehead Wrinkles,Neck,Hands
  • Modle Number
  • Properties
    High Efficiency , Precise ,Symmetrical
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Delivery Time
    3-5 days
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    bank transfer,western union,paypal
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Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment

Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment



Modle Number:




Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment 0

Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment 1

Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment 2


Three beauty shaping function:
Erase wrinkles tighten skin:
Forehead wrinkles,Eye round fine lines,a maze of crow's feet nasolabial
sulcus,perioral wrinkles,cheilogramma,neck,hands,body all kinds of wrinkles.

Facial contour shaping:

Facial relaxation,double chin,chin brow vertical curve and brow,small eyelid tightening.

Systemic anti-aging,slimming,shaping:

Arm tightening and shaping,back tightening and shaping,breasts shaping,waist and abdomen tightening.





Safety Thermage RF Beauty Equipment 3


Six Advantage:


1.Comperhensive tightening skin,improve facial relaxation condition.
2.Non invasive non-surgical,no surgery,no scarring.
3.A treatment can achieve significant lifting and tightening skin,without course.
4.The long-term tightening skin.Fundementally break the skin tissue saggy continued tightening kin for more than three years,make skin restoration of youthful elasticity.
5.Safety and high efficiency,apply the high frequency E wave technology,effective control of RF energy and skin temperature.Non invasive tightening skin,no damage to the skin,safety and high efficiency.
6.Precise and symmetrical gird positioning technology.before treatment apply gird positioning technology at the treatment site.
We will ensure strict the treatment effect symmetric safe and reliable.