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High Energy Vertical IPL Beauty Equipment With 3 Changeable Treatment Heads

High Energy Vertical IPL Beauty Equipment With 3 Changeable Treatment Heads

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High Energy Vertical IPL Beauty Equipment With 3 Changeable Treatment Heads

High Energy Vertical IPL Beauty Equipment With 3 Changeable Treatment Heads



Triple counter system.

3 Changeable treatment heads aiming at various symptoms

IPL can selectively target a pigmented hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. Compared with electrolysis, laser hair removal is more precise and much faster. And also it is a new and exciting way to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike a laser, which emits one specific wavelength of light, IPL emits a broad spectrum of light with each pulse. The broad spectrum of light in each pulse allows us to treat a variety of skin imperfections at the same time. Treatments are quick and effective with very little downtime.


Curing Principle

The IPL System emits varied wavelength, intense pulse, and broad-spectrum light. It can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment to break the abnormal pigment. The pigments are shattered and eliminated from the body by metabolism, finally removing the pigmentations.
Highly controlled flashes of light are selectively absorbed by hair follicles. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages or destroys the growing potential of the follicle and finally achieving the effect of removing the undesired hair 
The specifically wavelengths stimulates the proliferation of collagen and improving the rearrangement of elastic fibers, finally achieving the purpose of skin rejuvenation and removing the fine lines.
The hemoglobin of exceptional outstretched capillary vessel can absorb the specifically wavelengths and congeal, then the necrotic hemoglobin is swallowed by the macrophage and discharge out of the body along with the metabolism, finally achieving the goal of removing the red blood streaks.



A. Removing the undesired hair on armpits, lips, hairline, bikini and limbs and so on.
B. Pathology of Pigments, birthmark, coffee spot 
C. Fine lines and wrinkles 
D. Spots caused by ageing and sun damage 
E. Overall skin tone
F. Black eye socket and other abnormal pigments.
G. Improve the rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, repair acne 
H. Rosacea and spider veins, bottle nose and red blood streak, vascular lesion


Product features:

1 Error self-detecting and error correcting system
2 triple light filter systems: Effectively filtering the harmful light 
3 Silver catoptric system: remarkable optical effect
4 Three cooling systems: Built-in Circle water-cooling system,Air cooling system,Semiconductor cooling device
5 Multiplex counter system: insuring the quality
6 Water-electricity separator inside: insuring the system safety
7 Magnetic drive pump + metal water box controlled water circulation: lower noise, longer lifetime 
8 3 adjusting programs, every program with a submenu aim at different skin types.
9 Safety protect system for protect the machine can be used.



Light source: Intense pulsed light 
Wavelength: 560-1200 nm,640-1200nm, 420-1200nm
Light guide: Crystal light guide
Safety class: Class II type B
Fluency: 20-50J/cm2
Pulse duration: 11-149.7ms
Frequency: ≤1P/3S
Spot size: 8�34mm ,16�57(error≤0.2mm)
Cooling system: Semi-conductor cooling system & embedded circle water cooled
Size: 580�550�970mm
Weight (net): 34KG( packing case + 31kg)
Fuse specification: �5�25 10A
Input power: 1200VA
Power requirement: AC220V�22V,50HZ�1HZ/AC110V�11V,60HZ�1HZ


packing size:58*55*97cm