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Desktop Energy activation and conversion RF Beauty Equipment

Desktop Energy activation and conversion RF Beauty Equipment

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Desktop Energy activation and conversion RF Beauty Equipment

    Energy activation and conversion equipme

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The human body itself is the energy magnetic field, which is composed of many energy magnetic field, each part of the body needs have their own energy element, when the energy imbalance, can lead to the sub-health status. Traditional Chinese medicine says, fundamentality of su-health, that is short of yangqi (or energy), while many negative emotions (energy), in this highly competitive information age, the pressure of course, is inevitable. A comfortable stress-reducing method of their own is the physical and mental health.
Energy activation and conversion equipmnet has strong and stable energic fields, easily blends with the human body magnetic energy, also can converse and enlarge the energ, transport the energy into the various organs, to pruify the blood, lower blood viscosity, remove aging cutin of the heart, settle clutter thoughts, so that have good health and a good mood, free breathing fresh air, completely eliminate troubles which are brought from sub-health.

Energy activation and conversion equipmnet integrates, bionic thermal, magnetic jade and ice technologies. Bionic thermal is conducted into the natural jade from Myanmar, rapidly destructs of disorder but beneficial trace elements in jade (zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc.), makes them reorganize, to form ‘Jade Energy Accumulator’. At the same time, bionic thermal effects on human cells and collagen, so skin cells quickly update to speed up the secretion of collagen by 300%. To form a special resonant magnetic field between ‘Jade Energy Accumulator’ and collagen, promote human body functions quicker in phase, to add necessary trace elements for the body, balance the imbalance of yin and yang, qi and blood, strengthen the skin self-absorption features.

Care effect
: To promote infiltration and absorption of products, comprehensive care and treatment to enhance efficiency
On Face: penetration, restoration, antiaging.
1, Penetration: Enhance skin absorption of products to make the skin red, white, glossy
2, Restoration: Thin pores, calm and repair telangiectasia, lessen thread veins.
3, Antiaging: Make up a large number of trace elements to skin collgen, promote the rearrangement of collagen material, in a short time to lift and tighten the canthus and drooping slack skin, lessen tiny wrinkle, dry wrinkle of the canthus. It takes effect 5 times better than normal.
On Body: Rapid charge to the cells tissue, a large number of supplementary energy for the body, the complete elimination of sub-health state
1, Purify the blood to remove waste, reduce blood viscosity, prevent high blood pressure and improve the anemia, and enhance immune function
2, To add trace elements necessary for the human body, add energy of jade 30 minutes, same as aerobic exercise outdoor 3 hours, to alleviate fatigue, the elimination of tension, the body more comfortable.
3, Menses adjustmente and acesodyne, strengthen the liver and kidney function, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate constipation

Market advantage
1),To attract new customers and enhance the visibility of beauty salons
2) To enhance the beauty salon grade and expand profit space
3), To enhance the effectiveness of products, upgrade the product price,promote consumption.
4), To open new courses, new items.
5), Can used together with any product, to enhance care efficiency, promote self-confidence of the beautician and then take the initiative to sell products.

Voltage: AC 220V or 110V; 50/60HZ
Power: 30W
packing size:45*36*30cm

Desktop Energy activation and conversion RF Beauty Equipment 0Desktop Energy activation and conversion RF Beauty Equipment 1

1.Strong activation rod+ Conductive probe:
To use bionic microcurrent, instantly open chanels of pores, dredge the points, smoothen the meridian, rapidly pass life energy into deep cells tissue, to enhance cells permeability.
2. Jade head:
The pure natural jade is inlaid on the magnetic spin central, unique combination of ‘magnetocaloric effect’ together with massage gesture, to carry through positive and negative energy conversion.Within 3 seconds, re-organize the jade disorder trace elements, to form special‘Jade Energy Accumulator’. At the same time, bionic theraml effects on human cells and collagen, lets skin cells quick rejuvenate, speedily excrete 300% collagen.
3. 3D repair head
Through cold technologies, to calm and relax the skin, shrinken pores, penetrate nutrition into deep skin, lock inside water and nutrition, so as to get deep water supplement, water locking effect, promote absorption, oil controlling, skin tightening etc functions.