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8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use

8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use

  • High Light

    Beauty Salons Equipment


    RF Beauty Equipment


    Beauty Therapy Equipment

  • Light Source
    Pulse Xenon Lamp
  • Screen
    8.4 Inch Touch Screen
  • USB Port
    Intelligent Networking
  • Light Guide
    Crystal Light Guide
  • IPL Light Fluency
  • Pulse Width
  • Input Power
  • Size
    43*49*103 (cm)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Delivery Time
    3-5 days
  • Payment Terms
    bank transfer,western union,paypal
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8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use


8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use




Professional hair removal and Simple medical design

IPL can selectively target a pigmented hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. Compared with electrolysis, laser hair removal is more precise and much faster. And also it is a new and exciting way to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike a laser, which emits one specific wavelength of light, IPL emits a broad spectrum of light with each pulse. The broad spectrum of light in each pulse allows us to treat a variety of skin imperfections at the same time. Treatments are quick and effective with very little downtime.



Curing Principle


The IPL System emits varied wavelength, intense pulse, and broad-spectrum light. It can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment to break the abnormal pigment. The pigments are shattered and eliminated from the body by metabolism, finally removing the pigmentations.
Highly controlled flashes of light are selectively absorbed by hair follicles. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages or destroys the growing potential of the follicle and finally achieving the effect of removing the undesired hair
The specifically wavelengths stimulates the proliferation of collagen and improving the rearrangement of elastic fibers, finally achieving the purpose of skin rejuvenation and removing the fine lines.
The hemoglobin of exceptional outstretched capillary vessel can absorb the specifically wavelengths and congeal, then the necrotic hemoglobin is swallowed by the macrophage and discharge out of the body along with the metabolism, finally achieving the goal of removing the red blood streak

8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use 0




A. Removing the undesired hair on armpits, lips, hairline, bikini and limbs and so on.
B. Pathology of Pigments, birthmark, coffee spot
C. Fine lines and wrinkles
D. Spots caused by ageing and sun damage
E. Overall skin tone
F. Black eye socket and other abnormal pigments.
G. Improve the rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, repair acne
H. Rosacea and spider veins, bottle nose and red blood streak, vascular lesion


8.4 inch IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal For Clinical Use 1


1. Unwanted Hair removal: undesired hair in underarm, lip, hairline, limb, bikini areas, etc;
2. Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, remove acne, etc;
3. Pigment removal: speckle,freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc;
4. Vascular removal: rosacea, spider veins, bottle nose, red blood streaks, etc.


The most important features:

1. Low operating costs
2. High efficiency and speed
3. Modern design, Intelligent networking control system
4. Very long hours (up to 10 hours)
5. Triple light filter systems
6. controlled water circulation through magnetic drive pump
7. Lower noise, longer life
8. Integrated calibration ensures precision with every treatment



1. The latest SHR( Super Hair Removal) machine in China;
2. Different kinds of handle optional---normal IPL handle,fractional IPL handle,the handle with changeable crystals for different functions;
3. The customers record system;
4. Intelligent counting system;
5. 2 different operation systems switchable;
6. The great update space as your requirement---

  1. The network connections;
  2. The USB connector;
  3. The In-Motion treatment;
  4. E-light,RF,Laser or any other technologies optional.




Light source

pulse xenon lamp


8.4 inch touch screen

USB port

Intelligent networking


430 / 480 / 510 / 530 / 560 / 580 / 610 / 640 / 670 / 690 / 710-1200nm optional

Light guide

Crystal light guide

Spot size

12*30mm,14*43mm(12*16mm or anyone smaller than 14*50mm)

IPL light Fluency


Pulse width


Pulse Sequence


Pulse Frequency

1-5Hz can be adjusted

Cooling system

Semi-conductor cooling (Peltier cooling), air cooling, embedded circle water cooling, Cooling temperature adjustable

Power requirement


Fuse specification

T10AL250V Φ5×20/ T16AL250V Φ5×20


6 pieces * 12000VF

Input power


Weight(after packed)


Size(after packed)

43*49*103 (cm)

Standard configuration: 1HR 1SR (one crystal hair removal handle, one crystal skin rejuvenation handle)